Training Courses

Unmanned Concepts senior mission controllers, trained targeting professionals, and Full Motion Video (FMV) experts have created two training courses on precision and expert UAV operations tailored to the needs of militaries, law enforcement and private industries. Additionally we offer individual client tailored courses. UC has teamed with Shadow Air to use their FAA approved Optionally Piloted Vehicle (OPV) for live fly training, which gives students hands on UAV operational experience available only through UC training courses. Over a period of five days in the law enforcement, defense industry and homeland security classes each student will move rapidly from basic to advanced UAV operational skills. The class will include the basics of Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), pre and dynamic mission planning, mission control, Tactical Operations Center (TOC) communications, aircraft and sensor capabilities, FMV analysis, targeting methodology and predictive pattern analysis, ISR support to ground elements, UC proprietary LEAD software instruction and use,  and two days of live-fly operations with Shadow Air’s OPV.  Students will control the aircraft and sensor from a Ground Control Station (GCS). For the five day UAV photography/cinematography course, UC instructors have designed a course that focuses on the specifics of various sensor capabilities and aircraft management that allows the filmmaker to capture unique shots. This course will weigh heavily on aircraft and sensor positioning and include 18 hours of live fly time using Shadow Air’s OPV to give each student experience operating and filming with a UAV. Students will control the aircraft and sensor from a Ground Control Station (GCS). UC conducts 12 courses per year  in addition to individual customer courses that are tailored to specific needs.

The staff of Unmanned Concepts is the best because we have worked in the the most important and sophisticated programs the US Government has. Our staff’s combined expertise highlights ever aspect of a successful UAV program – mission controlling, targeting analysis, network analysis, FMV analysis,  and tactical experts – and encompasses them into one company.  Every portion of our training reflects our expert abilities and experience. Our courses are designed for customers who aspire to gain the most comprehensive UAV/ISR operations skills available.

ISR-UAV Certification Course

This five day ISR-UAV training course focuses on the analytical, operational, and technical aspects of  ISR – UAV planning and execution from after take-off to before landing for both manned and unmanned aircraft.  This course will prepare members of the law enforcement, homeland security, defense industry, and intelligence communities to use ISR effectively in an operational setting.  The course is designed to be a hands on learning experience for each student and includes 12 hours of student operated live-fly scenarios.  UC conducts 12 courses per year in addition to individual customer courses that are tailored to specific needs.  To register, call us at 866-561-7341.

Course Specifics
  • Mission planning and controlling
  • Full Motion Video (FMV) analysis
  • Aircraft sensor control from a Ground Control Station (GCS)
  • Tactical Operations Center (TOC) design and operation
  • Operational targeting and analysis
  • Integration of exclusively designed LEAD software into operations
  • Operational use of historical and real-time data for ISR-UAVs
  • ISR support to SWAT, DEA, FBI, DHS, military and paramilitary
  • Advanced ISR-UAV tactical operations
  • Multiple sensor and aircraft integration into real-time operations

As a student in this class, you will use the exclusively designed proprietary LEAD software for the duration of the course, as well as have access to a LEAD software engineer. LEAD (Location Exploitation Analysis Database) software was designed by Eyes Only Systems (EOS) specifically for UC. LEAD is the ultimate software for fusing historical and real time information, in a useable and displayable format, to conduct effective analysis and operations. The capabilities of LEAD include:

  • View, review, and analyze multiple video feeds at the same time
  • Display locations of phone, vehicle, blue force tracker, and other data on a interactive map
  • Integrate historical and real time data for pattern analysis
  • Urban and rural terrain integration for flight planning
  • Multi-aircraft mission controlling capabilities

Detailed Program of Instruction (POI)

UAV Aerial Photography/Cinematography Course

Learn an innovative way to photograph and film large expanses of scenery in a dynamic manner. UAVs are part of a technology field that is quickly moving into the main stream and out of military only use. The sensor capabilities are now available in HD and offer a photographer or film maker a variety of capabilities to enhance his options. Additionally, the extensive duration and silent loiter time allow UAVs to make longer, more cost effective shots possible.  To register, call us at 866-561-7341.

Course Specifics

This course contains three days and 18 hours of live- fly events allowing each student to gain hands on experience filming with a UAV. Each student will have the benefit of working with our instructors who have worked with various unmanned systems capturing video in some of the most difficult terrain and subjects.

  • Various sensor and camera capabilities and functions
  • Specific aircraft specifications and  capabilities
  • Flight planning considerations for urban and rural terrain
  • Best practices for best look angles and flight profiles
  • Degrading your noise pollution for silent shooting
  • Coordinating multiple aircraft, cameras, and look angles
  • Capturing optimal video when following moving objects
  • Advanced technology and maneuvers for video capture

Individual Client Tailored Courses

UC also offers our clients the opportunity to have a course that is individually designed for their specific needs and industry. The staff at UC will discuss your training requirements and the ultimate end-state you would like to achieve by attending this training. After this, our staff will design and instruct a course based solely on your needs. Whether you want to alter our pre-packaged training to fit your requirements better or have us build you an industry specific training course encompassing your UAV/ISR uses and needs, the UC staff is equipped and able to provide you with the best training. Please contact us at 866-561-7341 or to discuss your specific training needs further. 

Refund Policy: All classes and seminars must be paid in full at time of purchase. A full refund will be issued to the purchaser up to 30 days prior to the class or seminar. No refund will be granted within 30 days of the class or seminar date. All transactions will be processed in U.S. dollars.

If you are interested in discussing our consulting services or registering for a training course, please contact us at: